Podcasting Basics

Ever wanted to be a Podcaster?  Well, here is your chance!  At this website http://chatt.hdsb.ca/~elses/boylit/Podcasting%20in%20Education, you can learn the basics of podcasting and have the added bonus of learning the basics of using it in curriculum.  It is not a comprehensive site, but it gets you started.  It provides examples of student podcasts like this one:  http://www.adrianbruce.com/acekids/index.htm.

The podcast is strictly audio.  There are some podcasts out there these days that are video.  For those that are visual, this is important.  There is an advantage to audio for the podcaster in that it is easier to produce and post.   In this podcast site, the caster is interested in getting his information across verbally.  He uses other resouces like voicemail recordings and songs to enhance his recordings.  In his podcast called “Technical Stuff” he gives us practical information about how to go about recording podcasts.  He talks about even the basics of having a microphone.  There were tips on software (Audacity) and editing.  He added that the software was free – great bonus for me! 

In searching for Podcasts, I found that many of them date around 2005 and 2006.  Some of the sites even boast that it will be the new medium to broadcasting.  Since that time, it “looks” like podcasting has waned.  I could be wrong because I have not researched this extensively.  It is a slippery slope to suggest this by only havingGoogle to back me up.  But Google brought up the issue by providing me with links three years old.  So the question is, is podcasting waning or is it still growing?  I like the technology.  I think it is great tool for using and generating creativity.  It is certainly a great media resource for those who have linguistic tendencies toward learning.  Whether I choose to use it in the classrom does not necessarily hinge on its popularity, but it causes pause for thought. 

It was interesting site – a site that I will return to in order to get started podcasting.  Check it!

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