Web-Based Presentation Software/Tools and Review

Here is a link to the presentation that I put together with Prezi.  Granted, it isn’t “pristine.”  For a first-timer, it’s not too bad.  I can pick out all the problems as I know you can too.  Anyway, I am hoping that the next time goes easier.  This is a resource that I am going to use in the future for sure!


This was quite an undertaking.  I will have to say after reviewing the million or so web-based resources for web-based presentation tools, I found Prezi.com quite exhilerating.  I wanted something other than a slide show and Prezi seems to offer it.  I can’t quite explain it but Prezi makes order out of a bunch of confusing information.  Yet, you can go back to that presentation every time and get exactly what you need without having to go through slide after slide.  This is a time saver.  It is refreshing as well.

Ease of use and intuitiveness

This was very easy to use.  It takes all the fluff and gets rid of it.   There are things I was looking to do with fonts, etc but it wasn’t available on the free version.  Not sure if it is available on the paid or not.  Either way, it gets rid of a lot editing tools that you come to believe are really unnecessary. This is such an easy tool to use.  I had one problem and that was trying get everything fit into the screen.  I had issues with media inserts as well. However, that was in the creation of the media to the FLV format so Prezi would take it.  What I did was created the video and the audio in ScreenToaster.  Then I converted it to mov format.  Then I got a DVDVideoSoft MOV to FLV freeware converter, Converted the file and loaded it up to Prezi.  It took a little work around but worth it for the experience.  I couldn’t get the flash animation that I created to stop.  It kept looping.  Not sure if it was a Prezi issue or not.  In testing, it did not loop, but after I loaded it to Prezi, it wouldn’t stop.  Other than that, I love this software.  I can’t wait to use it in the classroom!

Features and other value-adding components, especially features not available in PowerPoint.

This too lets you see everything at a glance.  Even if it looks jumbled at first, once you have gone through the presentation, the whole thing is there for you to see at one time. 

The ability to export the presentation out of their website so it can be saved locally and used offline.

This presentation can be saved locally and used offline if desired.  I did not test this but there is a button to do so – even for the free version!

Accessibility, permanence and performance of the site

Once people find out about this little secret, it will be the rage. It will have to say that the platform will do itself a great deed if it can find another way to be used.  This style of presentation is great for those who are on-the-spot/spontanaeous presenters.  It is more informal right now, but I believe it will hit the boardroom someday if it hasn’t already. 

A quick and informal search for other people’s experiences using the tool.




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  1. Very well done, again! I’m really glad, and can relate 100%, that you took the time to make it how you wanted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something similar to ScreenToaster -> .MOV -> .FLV -> Prezi, just because I wanted something done the way I wanted it done. Also, I like that the flash animation kept looping, it made it more interesting. Nice job!

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