Podcast and Media Hosts

So how do you choose a Podcast or Media host?  These days its not just about space.  It’s not just about speed either, though that is important.  Looking through many sites, I decided to suggest www.libsynpro.com.  In searching for reviews of libsynPro I found that it allows for multiple podcasters.  That is a great thing for schools and for classrooms.  You can manage one account with multiple users and sub-users.  This is perfect for the techdepartment and for individual classrooms.  It tracks all statistics and can be found in one place.   By the looks of it though, I think it might be more business minded and less education oriented.  One really great feature is that it provides multiple formats so its media can be seen on most devices. 

Libsynpro is not going out of business any time soon.  They have a strong network of customers that range from the business world to education.  They have libsyn.com as well.  Pro is a competitive site that allows users to be podcast over a large range of media and geographic spectrums

As for ease of use, Libsynpro describes itself as a site for non-technical users.  While I could not get in to try it out, I would assume from its reviews that it is user friendly. 

In searching reviews:



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