MID Reviews and Proposal Additions

The MID proposals I read were excellent.  The different uses of technology were well thought out and well executed.  I liked ALLISON‘S idea of verbal directions using an IPod for her Life Skills students.  This is a great way for students to follow directions.  Her use of various  educational theories shows that the lesson is solid and of educational value.   This is something that I will find a use for in my classroom.

DAN had a great idea of using technology to put the determination of the Civil War into the hands of his students.   He uses technology to document, to evaluate and determine.  Before this technology, we would have only been able to have our students ponder the thoughts and to document on paper, what they had seen.  Using Dan’s ideas, students can have information documented in real-time, they can refer to it later AND they can use the technology to predict and analyze outcomes of the war.

CARRIE had a great idea about using technology in writing.  She addresses the concerns teachers have about collaborative writing and while they are all valid concerns they can inhibit some great ways to teach writing.  She proposes using technology to collaboratively write something.  While it can be difficult to assess, it is such an impressive way to expand student knowledge about writing.  Not only do they have to assess and edit their own writing, but they have to evaluate their peers’ writing.  That gives students a  perspective of writing they have not had to experience yet.  This has endless possibilities in writing that I had not realized.


If I were to add anything to my proposal, I would flesh out use of the application more.  At each stop that students would be required to visit, they would have to perform certain tasks.  For instance, at the bank, they would have to deposit a specific amount of money into a predetermined account.  They would have to use the MID’s calculator to calculate money left, etc.  At the technology school, they would have to choose a career of interest or major of interest and blog about it.  They would have to find out specific information and post that as well.  Students would be given choices of transportation and would have to track funds, etc.  At the restaurant, they would be required to take pictures of the sign, document something from the menu that they would like to eat and determine the item, a drink and the tip.  At the post office, students would be required to find out the cost of a regular stamp and sign up for selective service using the link available at the post office if they were male. 

These are all things that would help students find, utilize and analyze community resources.  Though most of my students can access some community resources, it is important for them to be able to know where they are, how to use them and when to utilize them.  There are endless resources out there but giving them the basics allows them to have a headstart on things.  Then they can focus on additional things that they need to have access to.

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